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Employer Orientation 


Welcome to the SCAD Portal, we highly appreciate your interest in supporting GUC alumni and students’ career development. Below are all the details that you might need during your visit to our portal.


Introduction to GUC:


    -  About GUC
SCAD services for employers:
  • - The GUC Internship & Employment Fair, annually organized during the spring semester


  • - Career Development events (e.g. - Business World on Campus - usually organzied  
  •   during the winter semester
  • - Career Development Program – CDP
  • - Jobs/Internships Posting


  • - On Campus Recruitment

    • - Career Development Services & Workshops


  • - Employer Branding Channels

  • How to use our services?


To use the SCAD portal and reach our students/alumni, you need to register in our portal by creating a New employer account

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