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Fair Ground & Booth Regulations
- For safety measurements participating companies are requested to abide by SCAD 
  rules and regulations
- Fair Exhibitors are located inside the venue by the SCAD office
- Fair Exhibitors are requested to abide by the provided setup plan
- Provided electricity is 220 volt only
- No heater machines or boilers are allowed inside the venue
- Exhibitors who are willing to install anything inside their booth (i.e. chairs, roll-up
  banner,  etc., ) or to bring giveaways, are requested to bring it two days prior to 
  the fair
- Exhibitors are not allowed to enter the venue on 21/04/2017 with no exceptions
- Exhibitors are requested to remove their booths & branding materials by the end 
  of the fair, otherwise it’ll be removed from the venue without any liability on the 
Regular Set-up:
- Regular participants will be located in the indoor venue on a first come first served 
  basis, once the indoor places are booked the rest of the participants will be
  located in the fair outdoor venue, booths will be placed in the fair ground by the
- Regular sponsors are only allowed to use the provided partition, without any 
  construction  inside it
- Regular participants are not allowed to hang anything on the booth walls “i.e.
  frames, LCD, light box, etc.”, or on the booth ceil “i.e. hanged banner, lighting tools,
- Light boxes are not allowed in the regular partitions even if it’s not hanged
- Sticking vinyl paper on the walls of the booth is not allowed
Self Structured Set-up “Sponsors”:
- Only sponsors are allowed to construct their booths
- Sponsors must send all details of their booth + picture for booth in order to be 
  approved from the SCAD office
- Booth shape for all sponsors is Semi Island shape booth, in case the booth got side
  (s), please ensure that you informed SCAD office representatives in order to place 
  you in a convenient location, and make sure that the side(s) of your booth are  
  branded with your corporate identity
- No painting or sawmills activities (دهانات او نشارة خشب  ) is allowed inside the fair 
  venue, in case you need to perform any of these activities or similar one, please 
  inform the SCAD office in order to provide you with a place near to the fair venue
- Sponsors are requested to bring linoleum (مشمع) triple the size of their booth
- Sponsors must bring an electricity cable (مشترك كهرباء) with a 70 meters wire
- Sponsors are requested to remove any constructions equipment/materials
   inside/outside the fair venue before 21/04/2017, in case the company left any 
   equipment/materials inside/outside the venue, it’ll be removed without any 
   liability on the side of the GUC
- No construction activities are allowed inside the venue after 20/04/2017 (05:30 pm)
- Sponsors must remove their booths from the venue by the end of 23/04/2017 from 06.00 pm to 10.00 pm
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